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Install Breeezy to SSD

This is about installing Breeezy to the internal flash (SSD) of the eeePC. The procedure should be done while running Breeezy.

The eeePC has Grub in /dev/hdc1, in /boot/grub. Click on menu.lst to add an entry for Breeezy. Insert these lines before the line "perform Disk Scan":

title Breeezy
kernel /boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 PMEDIA=ideflash
initrd /boot/initrd.gz

(You can save this in the SSD because unlike Xandros, Breeezy does not use SSD's first partition as UnionFS (read-only).)

Copy the Breeezy files vmlinuz and initrd.gz to the folder /boot of the SSD (in /dev/hdc1). Copy pup_213.sfs to /dev/hdc2 (this is the user partition of the eeePC).

If you already have pup_save.2fs in the SD (or USB) flash, copy that to /dev/hdc2, too (so all your added files and programs will be intact). Check the remaining space in /dev/hdc2 before doing the copy, as you may have to free up some space for pup_save.2fs. (partview in console will let you view the free space in mounted devices.)

Breeezy is originally installed from USB/SD reader, so when you boot from the internal SSD, the hardware detection routine might change. For this, make sure to add zdrv_213.sfs to your installation (put it beside pup_213.sfs).

That's it, reboot and press F9 to boot using the revised Grub.


If deleting Xandros: If you delete the Xandros files from /dev/hdc1, then remember to keep the /boot folder, as it contains Grub. You can then place pup_213.sfs, zdrv_213.sfs and pup_save.2fs wherever on the SSD (whether in /dev/hdc1 or in /dev/hdc2).

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