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About minipup


Welcome to Minipup, your full desktop solution on top of a miniPC. Minipup makes the miniPC a true desktop PC while keeping itself light, low-power, and economical. Minipup powers communication strategies for educators and change agents: bring the power of the Web in your USB drive!

Test-drive Minipup (and Safepup)

If Minipup works in miniPCs, it will work in your own PC, too! Download one (or both) of the test ISOs for your PC (see below), burn it to CD, and boot your PC with it. For USB or IDE/CF Flash booting, use the Menu - Setup - Universal Installer to prepare your USB or IDE/CF Flash drive.

SAFEPUP: Rich but safe browsing solution - For browsing rich multimedia in 400 mhz or faster, 128 MB-RAM* PCs, get the ISO here, burn it to CD and use the CD to boot your PC. Your PC will become very responsive with the less than 60 MB of programs loaded in RAM. The tutorial is automatically opened after boot-up.

MINIPUP: Full desktop power in low-cost PCs - For desktop work in Pentium II-class, 128 MB-RAM* PCs, download this test ISO (94 MB), burn it to a CD and boot your PC with this CD. Here is the md5 check code for verifying error-free download. This build has Skype, which requires that a link to its home page be provided: download the latest Skype here.

To get started, the full readme is here, and the quick-start manual is here.

Other files that you may need with Minipup are:

* Open Office version 1.1.5 (72 MB) - adds Open Office to your available software. Check code is here.

* eMinima Server (2 MB) - adds Apache and PHP with eMinima scripts for Web publishing using your USB drive. Rename to lamp_202.sfs before use.

* Note: The live CDs do not require a hard disk, so they will work best with 128 MB or more RAM (memory of the PC).

Included Software

Minipup is built from Puppy Linux and optimized for computers equivalent to Pentium II and III PCs. The test version above is based on Barry Kauler's Puppy Linux 2.02 and revisions by Tempestuous. Paul Akterstam added modifications to the bootup script to conserve RAM usage as well as enable booting from USB-connected CD-ROM drive.

Tempestuous added to the standard 2.02 build fixes for 3D graphics and wi-fi, and also replaced some components: Firefox (for browser), MPlayer (for media player), and Sylpheed (for email client).

About Us

As a group with expertise in Puppy Linux, miniPCs and computing for development, we offer support services for the customization and deployment of low-cost desktop computing solutions to both commercial and nonprofit organizations. The group is currently coordinated by Raffy Mananghaya through the UPLB Foundation, Philippines.

Minipup traces its history to the Affordable Community Computing Workshop led by Raffy Mananghaya, Ulten Ryan and Steve Freiberger on November 27, 2006 (see announcement and report).

workshop 2006
Steve, Raffy, participant and Ulten pose at the close of the workshop

The software used at the time was Puppy Linux 2.00 barebones with OpenOffice 1.1.4 added. Barry Kauler, creator of Puppy Linux, has this to say about the workshop: