What is EMinima


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What is EMinima

EMINIMA is built from free server and client software - this is the basic component of today's free Internet/LAN applications.

EMINIMA also includes minimalist, cross-platform set of tools for delivering content, so when used, the implications are:

(1) Any entity (school, LGU or NGO) with Pentium I (the oldest PC nowadays) and 64 MB memory will be able to enjoy uptodate content.

(2) Any entity will be able to develop content, too, and put the new content in a new CD (but if there is no CD-burner, they just copy the new content to the hard disk).

(3) A national entity (e.g., CICT or DepEd) can foster competition for content creation so that schools, for example, can enjoy multiple content offerings and deploy all those contents in its PC. Such offerings will be low-cost (say, P100 per CD, deployable in the whole school).

(4) When there are many CD-loads of alternative content, virtual internet will be achieved in the most far-flung school and the school's interconnection to the Internet core will not anymore be a precondition to using elearning (or egovernance, for that matter).

(5) Teachers will regain prominence as the facilitators of learning, as they will assume the role of leading/mediating both the creation and exchange of content, using EMINIMA tools.

(6) To propagate EMINIMA, training of trainors is now being done, with program site at